Colombia Country Presentation

Honorable Under Secretary Dassù,
Honorable Minister Dìaz Granados,
Dear participants,

UNIDO is pleased to be here today and to contribute to organizing the Republic of Colombia Country Presentation. This event has been the product of the cooperation between the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Unioncamere, Confindustria, and the Embassy of Colombia in Italy.

This is a positive time for Colombia, experiencing a constant GDP growth. In the last few years, the country’s exports have three fold. The 11 free trade agreements signed with 48 countries allow preferential access to more than 1.5 billion consumers. The nation we are focusing on today is one of the most advantageous economies for trade in Latin America, and promises to be one of the driving economies in the CIVETS group (Colombia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Egypt, Turkey and South Africa).

UNIDO has been working with increased attention with this country, specifically by supporting local entrepreneurship and implementing numerous programs aimed at fostering the growth of industrial clusters and sustainable development.

UNIDO ITPO Italy has always been involved in the industrial development of Central and Latin American Countries and considers this event a valuable occasion to introduce Italian entrepreneurs to the opportunities for investment, joint ventures, and technology and know-how transfers.

UNIDO is pleased to continue to work closely with the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Colombian institutional representatives, and all actors involved in this Country Presentation, with the aim of providing an appropriate follow up to the event and the start of substantial cooperation.